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Karate: A Source of energy and balance

"If I do not mind me, then who will? And if I only deal with me, so what am I? And if I do not care now, then when will I care?"

Hillel, the Treaty of the Fathers


Karate is a way of life: everyone can define its objectives. It allows everyone to fully recharge. Our spacious Dojos are home to a select clientele, eager to work out in the best tradition of Karate-do in a friendly atmosphere where highly technical excellence are taught.


The course of our karate school in Paris are open to all, regardless of the level of excperience and fitness, (sports confirmed or not ?), whatever your objective, you will find an answer in our karate class. To be certain of your choice, we offer two weeks of free trial classes.  Beginners, we support you during your first course of Karate and a mentor will be placed at your disposal, basic techniques and movements will be taught, in order to give you confidence and enable you to integrate into our courses in the best possible way.




Karate is a way of life: everyone can define its objectives. It allows everyone to fully recharge. In our Karate school in Paris (dojos: Paris 1, Paris 15 and Paris 7), students can escape from their daily lives and leave the stressful work environment behind by recharging theirs batteries through focusing on the powerful energy taught in our classes. This is also true in the long term because this martial art is a powerful balance between mind and body. The mind-body connection is constant: once released, it releases the other necessarily.


Karate is divided into several parts.




Serious scientific studies (see the two books by David Servan-Schreiber "Cure", "Anticancer") show that karate is one of the most efficiant ways to prevent serious diseases such as cancer. It also has also been proven to help assisting in an active recovery.

Energy expenditure that is generated only by karate has demonstrated effects on metabolism, activity factors, cancer and cardiac coherence.




·        Reconciliation mental body: energy release during a karate class.

·        Fight against stress, anxiety, depression.

·        Significant increase in feelings of autonomy and self-confidence.




Psychological confidence in it’s abilities

process of development in personal and professional relationships.

Work on self and human values: transmission, education, combat and engagement, principles of comity and reciprocity, serenity and clarity in the exchange




To practice karate in Paris in our school is to learn:


·        Awareness of your body.

·        Control of  your fears.

·        Effective self-defense techniques.



In our karateschool in Paris, there is a growing number of women, which are particularly interested in the quadrants vitality, slimness and refinement of the body that is shaped as a result of the training.

Read more: Our Dojo in Paris and the benefits of karate. Read the page dedicated to our karate class.



Karate Dojo in our in Paris: a modern urban approach:


This sport allows a fulfilling activity/training with a minimum of investment of time.

Karate dojo in our infrastructure or requires no bulky equipment or expensive: Just a simple kimono.

The karate in our dojo does not require any specific or expensive equipement : a simple kimono is sufficiant.


Our Dojo in Paris is not a break in the everyday life: it is integrated into it.




Respect is a significant part of the practice of Karate in our dojo and in our karate school.

In the words of Master Funakoshi, karate begins and ends with courtesy.




Unlike other martial arts, Karate can be undertaken and practiced at any age (5 years to 80 years), regardless of fitness, body size and previous sporting experience .


It concerns men as well as women and children, regardless of their strength, flexibility or ability.

Each inividual operates at his own level and at his own pace.

Examinations to higher grades can be a measurment of the students progress, if the student so wishes. These examnations are challenging but not mandatory.

Karate itself includes several disciplines: kata, training in pairs, fighting,self- defense.

It shapes the body in a progressive and radical way.




For who are our karate classes in Paris ?


Karate practice in our dojo in Paris is open to all, regardless of your level of fitness, regardless of your goal, you will find an answer in our dojo. To be certain of your choice, we offer a fifteen days free trial. Beginners, we support you, a mentor will be placed at your disposal, basic techniques and movements will be taught, in order to give you confidence and enable you to integrate in our school in the best possible way.


In Paris our dojos is located 15 minutes from your home or your workplace.


Eric Delannoy offers courses in four Karate Dojo in central Paris (1st arrondissement, 4th arrondissement, 7th arrondissement and 15th arrondissement), 15 minutes from your home or your office, we are the only ones to give you the opportunity to train every day of the week, lunch and evening. On Sunday morning, technical courses are organized in Paris at the dance center of the Marais, thus deepening our style shotokan kata or some traditional Kumite required when passing grades.


Cours tous les jours du lundi au samedi



Découvrez notre école de Karaté Do Shotokan et nos cours de Karaté tous niveaux: cours karaté débutants, self-défense et nos séances de remise en forme... Nous vous proposons des cours de Karaté à Paris pour adultes mais également des cours de karaté enfant le matin, des cours karaté midi et soir ou des cours particuliers de Karaté dans nos quatres Dojos à Paris (Dojo du 1er arrondissement, Dojo du 4ème arrondissement, Dojo du 7ème arrondissement et Dojo du 15ème arrondissement). TémoignagesMentions Légales